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Mr. Knight, I want to say this and I want you to remember this: For as long as you live there's one person that you really have to be grateful for and that's the person standing right next to you because two defendants were tried under almost identical set of evidence before two juries…Your jury considered the evidence several days and could not come to a unanimous decision and most of that credit has to go to Mr. Tanner for his vigorous defense in your case… So, it was a very, very strong case, it wasn't a weak case but your attorney did a yeoman's job in making that first jury not be able to come to a conclusion…and you have Mr. Tanner to thank for that.

New York State Supreme Court Judge’s statement to the defendant in People v. Tyshon Knight, Indictment #5627/2015, May 17, 2018

  • Howard Tanner is by far the best Lawyer I ever met. He has supported me and fiancé during a rough time. He cares about the people he’s representing. I don’t think my fiancé would’ve gotten a lighter sentence if it wasn’t for him. I’m so thankful that we had him by our side. Anyone else I believe it would’ve went completely different. If you need a lawyer please contact him. If you want great results and someone that actually cares about their clients. He’s the person! Thank you again Howard Tanner!!! Your the best! Quaneesha, January 21, 2022
  • Tanner is very good at his profession, the skill, patience and execution went well above and beyond expectations with offenses and/or felony charges such as what I had, and experienced . I was really up against some serious criminal time and Tanner reduced everything to a mere violation and the case and/or cases I had were dropped with nothing on my record. This man’s technical skill is expert worthy. Tanner’s professionalism and communication with me as a client was A1. If I was to get ever happen to get into any trouble ever again, I’d hire him or keep him as my attorney. Aaron, November 6, 2020
  • I was charged and looking at a long time in prison maybe the rest of my life. I remember when I first met Mr. Tanner he was patient and understanding. He always told me the truth always laid everything out on the table and showed me my best outcome or option. I went from my life being taken to being released. He's an amazing lawyer. I was blessed to get him and his worth couldn't be paid for. Best lawyer anyone could ask for. Thank you Mr. Tanner. Megan, January 25, 2020
  • I was facing some serious charges and looking at years in prison. Thanks to my lawyer Mr. Tanner my charges came down to a misdemeanor instead of a felony. He worked hard for me in order to walk away with no prison time so I can make changes in my life to correct the wrongs I’ve done. He is a great lawyer he’s dedicated to your case, he’s an excellent lawyer he will guide you through let you know exactly what’s going on and he will work hard for you to have a better outcome for you. Mitchell, August 24, 2019
  • Mr. Tanner is an expert in his field. He works relentlessly to provide you with the best defense possible. He thinks strategically, discusses all possible options you may have, and keeps in contact with you while working on your case. I appreciated that Mr. Tanner did not proceed with a final decision without my approval. Eddie, May 7, 2019
  • Mr. Tanner is extremely professional, helpful, and highly skilled. At every step of the way he was there helping us and doing everything possible for us. Thanks to his continuous effort he was able to dismiss our federal criminal case. He is very attentive, he puts a tremendous amount of effort into his work, and truly wants to help you. He took care of every single detail of our case. He battled for us and got us the best utcome. I'm very grateful for all his hard work! I highly recommend Mr. Tanner. He has plenty of expertise and he is a good person that will be there for you when you need him! Anonymous, April 12, 2019
  • I would like to start off by saying that I never post reviews, but felt that experience needed to be shared. My family was faced with a situation with one of our children while at away college. One bad decision while out one weekend with friends now became an serious issue that could have had life changing results. I was referred to Howard Tanner by a friend, called his office and within minutes my call was returned and instantly knew that Mr. Tanner was the one to help us. Mr. Tanner listened and he asked the questions, and embraced my family and the situation as if we were his only client. We worked with Mr. Tanner for three months from start to finish and we felt that he was a member of our family. He treated my child as if his own and assured me that he was going to do whatever it took to fix this. Every email was instantly answered, and for all the times that we called him, he was never unavailable, no matter what day of the week. There is no way to explain how grateful we are for him and delivered on every promise and reassurance spoken. Even at the end, he told us to keep in touch and to call him if we ever need anything. One of the positive results of horrible situation is that we now have an attorney, a friend, should we ever need one. If you are reading this and are in need of an attorney, please call Mr. Tanner’s office. You will be in the most capable, most caring and trustworthy hands regardless of the situation. He is there to help…… Happy Client
  • Mr. Tanner is extremely professional, helpful, and highly skilled. At every step of the way he was there helping us. Thanks to his hard work he was able to dismiss this federal case. He is very attentive, he puts a tremendous amounts of effort into his work, and truly wants to help you. He took care of every single detail. He battled for us and got us the best outcome. I'm very grateful for all his hard work!

    I highly recommend Mr. Tanner. He has plenty of expertise and he is a good person that will be there for you when you need him!S.C.
  • Hello there, wanted to throw you a quick few words to thank you so much for the excellent work you did in representing me. I appreciate all your hard work and couldn't of asked for better counsel. You went above and beyond the call of duty for me and from the bottom of my heart I truly do appreciate it. As you know I have had my fair share of experience with attorneys both paid and court appointed and you by far were the best and made me feel as if you were really looking out for me and my best interests. I would also like to thank you again for asking the marshall to allow me those few words with my girlfriend and to see my child up close that was the first time I have seen him other then in pictures that meant the world to me thank you. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and i will definitely not let your hard work go to waste by messing up again. Thanks a million Howard good luck and I will keep in touch. K. Williams
  • Thanks for the great news. To have [a client] under her circumstances is not an easy task but your professionalism and commitment made the difference and she can start a new phase in her life now.

    Kind regards and thanks again for an outstanding job.Julio Fiol, Consul General, Republic of Chile
  • We are so grateful for all you did. So happy [my sister] is home.N.N.

  • Hey Howard you probably don't have too many of your clients remembering the day they first met you but today is the 10 year anniversary (lol) when we met ... as much as it was one of my WORST days it was also one of the best meeting and having you to defend me. THANK YOU AGAIN MY FRIEND.G.S.
  • Howard, thank you so much for restoring my life back to normal and putting the whole incident behind me. I am grateful for it. I and my parents are happy because of you.Chris Harris
  • Hello again Mr. Tanner, ...Suffice it to say, you did a stellar job in defending [your client]. I was impressed with your professionalism, your tenacity, attention to detail, unwavering allegiance to the defendant, and your overall performance as an officer of the court. If I, or anyone I knew ever needed the security of knowing they were being taken care of in a court of law, I would not hesitate for a moment to contact you. I am writing...mainly to congratulate you on a sincere, heartfelt and consummately professional performance.Martin Snelwar, Juror #3, People v. Jean Toussaint
  • The defense attorney is a seasoned veteran, a former Kings County ADA who is now the managing partner of a successful firm. He is relaxed and in command throughout the trial, and he knows how to keep all eyes and ears on him. His eyebrow raises, exclamations of shock, and probing questions all feel genuine, the ol' razzle-dazzle at its best - I Love Franklin Ave. Blog, August 12, 2010 N.J. , Juror #10, People v. Usamah Sidburry
  • I was severely injured while working for my employer on a scaffold that was about twenty feet in the air. My employer did not provide me with any safety equipment. When the scaffold that I was working on was knocked down by a delivery truck, I was thrown to the floor and became permanently disabled. Hugo Ortega pursued a claim against the property owner, the delivery company and my employer. In addition to my workers’ compensation benefits, I received a very large settlement that has given me the financial security to live comfortably.A. Guaman
  • I was arrested for a crime I did not commit, spent two days in jail, and then I was released after seeing a judge who said the charges were dismissed. I immediately called several lawyers who told me I would never win my case against the City of New York. Then a friend referred me to Hugo Ortega. He immediately filed a claim with the City of New York, and due to his aggressive approach, the City settled with me. I received an amount ten times more than what I ever imagined I would get. Hugo Ortega fought very hard for me when no one else would, and for that I am forever grateful!J. Figueroa
  • When my four year old son fractured his leg after falling off a trampoline at a birthday party, I was referred to Hugo Ortega. He fought very hard for us, and as a result, the case settled. My son will receive payments starting when he turns 18 and continue for four years. I never thought that we would ever receive such a large settlement! Thank you for working so hard for us.C.K.
  • Howard Tanner, a high-profile private criminal defense lawyer...The Miami Herald, September 16, 2010

  • ...After I explained all of the circumstances to Mr. Tanner, he fully investigated my case and uncovered the truth. He fought hard for me in court and didn't let the D.A. get away with anything. He took my case to trial. He was very aggressive in my defense and showed that the D.A.'s witnesses were not telling the truth. The jury found me not guilty of all the charges. I don't know what I would have done without Howard Tanner. He is simply the best!J.C.
  • Mr. Tanner was a pit bull in court! He stood up to the prosecutor and got my charges dismissed without a trial. I am so grateful to him and his team. He made sure I would have no criminal record to hold me back in the future. Thank you so much Mr. Tanner.M.C.
  • I was accused of assaulting a man who came into my store to cause trouble. I was outraged that I could be arrested for something like this. Howard Tanner defended me from the accusations. He was so focused at getting to the truth of what really happened. He was so convincing that the prosecutor dismissed the case right in the middle of the trial! Mr. Tanner is truly a great lawyer.A.K.
  • I thank Howard Tanner and his firm for the outstanding representation that was provided to me when I needed it the most. I am forever grateful for your efforts.G.S.
  • Not only did Mr. Tanner win my criminal case, but after I was found not guilty, his firm sued the city and I was compensated for being falsely arrested. I can't thank Mr. Tanner enough for what he has done for me.H.R.
  • At a time when I was extremely upset, the only comfort I had was being reassured by my husband and my son that the case rested in your very capable hands. I am very happy that you are so dedicated and good at what you do. There will always be a little prayer in my heart for you, Mr. Tanner.Mary D.
  • Mr. Ortega represented me in a disciplinary hearing before the New York City Housing Authority after I was falsely arrested. Mr. Ortega not only won my disciplinary case, and allowed me to keep my job, but he also sued the City of New York for false arrest and won that case. He settled the case against the City and I was awarded $30,000.00!

    Thank you so much Mr. OrtegaRobert E.
  • I was referred to Mr. Ortega after my restaurant was fined for various Department of Labor violations. He immediately began to negotiate with the Department of Labor and after several months, Mr. Ortega somehow reduced the initial monetary fine by 70%! if it wasn't for Mr. Ortega, our restaurant would probably have closed.

    Thank you!T. T.
  • I was brought up on very serious disciplinary charges by the NYPD. I was accused of endangering the welfare of a child. As a School Safety Agent, if I was found guilty of the charges I would have been fired. After a three day trial, I was found NOT GUILTY of all charges and received back pay for the thirty (30) day suspension I served before the hearing. Mr. Ortega, was amazing, believed in me and fought for me.

    Mr. Ortega, thank you for everything!A. R.
  • I got my finger cut off in a terrible work accident. A friend referred me to Hugo Ortega, after three different lawyers told me I had no case. Mr. Ortega fought really hard for me and got me a very large settlement when no one else would help me. Thank you for all your help Mr. Ortega.A. Ramos
  • I called Tanner & Ortega after I fell on a defective sidewalk on my way to work. The injury left me permanently disabled. From the very first meeting with Hugo Ortega, until my case settled on the eve of trial, Hugo treated me like family. The law firm helped me and my family through the most difficult times. Hugo’s knowledge of the law and his aggressive fight against the insurance company resulted in a settlement which guarantees that I do not have to worry about my family’s financial future.Y. Rosario
  • Dear Mr. Tanner, my grandmother and I wish to express our sincere gratitude in proving my innocence, clearing my record, with a job well done. My grandma will always have you in her prayers.G.M.

  • Mr. Tanner is an expert in his field. He works relentlessly to provide you with the best defense possible. He thinks strategically, discusses all possible options you may have, and keeps in contact with you while working on your case. I appreciated that Mr. Tanner did not proceed with a final decision without my approval.Eddie

  • If you get arrested, you need Howard Tanner. He will take the time to get to know you and explain all of your options. He won my case after a long fight and I am forever grateful for his hard work.K.M.

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